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The Law of Attraction (2)

After the movie ‘The Secret’ was released to public the buzz word was Law of Attraction. People in every part of the world seemed to lay their hands on an ancient secret which was hidden and ultimately lost during battles and raids of medieval times. The law of attraction says that whatever you think about most of the times in your mind you manifest it into your reality.

Many people bought into this idea of only thinking positive thoughts throughout the day and all their desires would come true one day. There was a reference to universe as a genie who gave unlimited wishes to the one who asked. That meant, one could virtually ask for anything and the genie would grant their wishes.

This was a fascinating thing for all those who desperately wanted to change their life for the better. All they had to do was to think positive thoughts and they would manifest their dreams. But during the same time many people lost their jobs, the markets crashed, there were terrorist attacks and mass casualties due to natural calamities etc. This was in stark contrast to what the law of attraction suggested. People would never want bad things happening to them in their life and yet such things were happening and continue to happen even now.

Hence the question arises as to whether the law of attraction is for real or is it just a big hype to sell lazy people the idea of getting whatever they want without doing anything. There have been many studies conducted after the idea gained publicity in many parts of the world. Studies show that some people have had some success with the law and they could verify it with the results. But the results were random and most of the participants who took part in surveys answered that they had success with the law of attraction sometimes.

The studies came to the conclusion that the law of attraction is for real just like the law of gravity. No matter whether you believe in gravity or not it still exists. The same applies to law of attraction. The law of gravitation was unknown until Sir. Issac Newton discovered it but the apples did fall on the ground before that. This means the law of attraction did exist from time immemorial but the discovery was made in recent times.

Now another question arises as to how to make this law work for us every time with precision. The law suggests that we can bring out the desired outcomes exactly as we perceived. But the studies show that some have got success and some have not got success with the law. Some had the law worked for them only sometimes. This shows that we either don’t know the whole picture or we don’t want to know it.

The law seems to be the most important part in making our desires come true but its not the only thing to be taken into account. All that we are supposed to do according to the law is to ‘ask, believe and receive’. It means we have to first put out our intention to the universe precisely and then believe that we can definitely get that which we have asked for without a doubt. The last step is to be open to receive what we have asked for.

The universe will do all the work as to how to bring it into reality. It is not our work to keep thinking about how things will happen. In fact, the experts suggest that if we keep doing this we limit the possibilities/ways through which our desires will come true.  We perceive only the logical ways in which something might happen but universe always brings about changes in the most bizarre and miraculous ways.

Lets now delve deeper into the steps outlined earlier for the law to work.

Ask - Whenever you want something you have to put it into writing so that it shows that you are serious about having that which you are thinking about. You must write the statement in the first person present tense ( I am …………….) and in positive way with exact picture and time frame. If there is no time frame then it conveys a meaning of eternity which we don’t want. We want the results in the shortest possible time.

Believe - Once you have set your intention into writing you must believe that you already have it in your life. You have to keep going through the statement and repeating them again and again, time and again during the entire day. The more you do this the more your mind will start believing this as your reality. Now since your actual reality is different than perceived reality your mind will set the law of attraction into motion to match the realities. Once you reach this level you will start seeing things happening within such short periods that they will be taken as miracles.

This part cannot be done as a daily routine without any zest and enthusiasm. You have to back it up with your feelings and emotions. This is the core of attracting things into your life. While you are going through the statements whether aloud or silently in your mind you must get into the first person and see as if the desire is already your reality. You have to feel it, sense it, experience it in every detail. Now you must show a feeling of sincere gratitude and thank the universe for fulfilling your desires. You have to keep doing this along with taking every possible action towards attaining your desired outcome.

Receive - This is the step which most people take wrongly. When we talk about the universe and the law of attraction some people tend to look above and see their desires being created and handed to them from the sky. Although this seems funny at the moment, in doing so they block out all other possible ways in which they may be guided towards attaining their goal or desire.

The universe/god/guiding angel or any other name we may give will lead us through a series of events and circumstances which will ultimately manifest our desires. We might meet a particular person who may guide/mentor us towards our desires. Or we may take some decisions which will ultimately lead us to where we want to be. Some times the circumstances may dare us to go beyond our comfort zone or take risk in our life. The one who takes this as an opportunity will succeed in his endeavor and the one who backs away repels the creation of his desire and will stay in same circumstances.

Notice that in every condition taking action plays an important role and must not be ignored at any cost. You have to take a lot of action so that when you receive what you have asked for you are in a position to handle it and then grow or expand it. Action leads us to handle things in an incremental manner and thereby does not overwhelm us when the ultimate desire is achieved.

This is the reason why so many poor people are back on square one within the first few years after winning millions of dollars in lottery. The reason – they cannot handle it and are not comfortable with it. But the same applies to the rich people. Even though they lose out everything due to bad decisions and become bankrupt they will reach where they were within a few years. Hence it is the mindset which we have to develop which comes only by taking action.

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