Minggu, 24 Juni 2012

Spiritual Teaching

By Rubén Cedeño

1. This science studies the unseen, untouchable world and that is why it is called metaphysics because it is “beyond the physical world”. It is the mother of all philosophies, religions, sciences and self realization activities. It covers three basic areas of study: God, Self and Knowledge. This teaching deeply encourages the one self’s knowledge.
2. Metaphysics’ main purpose is to help you resolving problems so you can have a happier life. This can be achieved when you live up to the Seven Unveiled Principles of Nature, the Seven Aspects of God and the Universe, and when you unfold the hidden natural powers you have. It provides an explanation for all the things you don’t understand, for all that is hidden and the intellect or senses cannot grasp. Metaphysics explains that all God wants for us is good.
3. Metaphysics is the mother of all sciences and religions and that is why it belongs to no one and to everyone at the same time. It does not matter if we are Christians or not, if we have any religion or not, if we are in the New Age movement or any other activity. The Masters who revealed this teaching did not provide its ownership to any group in particular. Metaphysics is a generic free of use-name which was first used by Andronicus of Rhodes in the first century B.C., when he edited and arranged Aristotle’s works about intangible subjects such as beauty, ethics and love.
4. These teachings are also known as “The Practice of The Presence of God”. The Principles exposed in Metaphysics are the sum of the Wisdom that can be observed in nature and that has been exposed by the Greatest Masters of humanity, by many of the Main Religions and by many philosophical and spiritual groups.

By Ruben Cedeño
The time has come for the multiple Agents of the Light to convey the teachings of this New Era to every corner on this planet. The Pillars of Metaphysics synthesize in a masterful manner the teachings of the New Era.
1º Law of Mentalism. It teaches that the mind is everything. Whatever you think, it manifests. Thoughts lead your life and if you think of good, it will manifest in your life.
2º The Christ. It is the presence of God in every human heart as a three fold flame: The Blue Flame, on the right side of your heart, is all God’s Faith, Strength and Will; The Gold Flame, in the center of your heart, is all your Divine Wisdom, Illumination and Knowledge; The Pink Flame, on the left side of your heart, is all your Divine Love, Activity, Diplomacy and Supply.
3º The Spiritual Hierarchy. It is a Brotherhood of Light Beings watching over human destiny. They are known as Saints for the Christians, Buddhas for the Buddhists, Mahatma for the Hindus and Ascended Masters for the Esoteric Groups. They are in Shamballa, in the etheric region of Long Island, in New York City. These Masters command The Seven Aspects of God: Good Will, Wisdom, Love, Purity, Truth, Supply and Freedom.
4º The Violet Flame. It is the sacred fire that consumes all destructive karma, setting us free from our past mistakes and misuse of the Divine Energy. “I Am the Law of Forgiveness and the Violet Flame that transmutes, consumes and erase all the errors made by humankind”.


By Rubén Cedeño

Whenever we are ready to start a new career or an activity, we learn how to do it, we study about it and we are trained to perform well. Depending on how well we prepared for it, we either succeed or we fail. If we have the right training and knowledge, the end results are good or perfect. If we do not know what we are doing, everything goes wrong. This is how we live, have a career or do something. But there is one thing that we should be fully trained and get knowledge for: life itself. We have never been trained to live well and that is why so many people are unsuccessful in life.

Life has some Principles that we often ignore or go against to. If we learn and practice these Laws of life, we will go through a very positive and radical life transformation. Nothing in this universe moves apart from these principles, and because we don’t live up to them it’s that we don’t do well in life.

For all human beings, life is determined by four factors: the power of the MIND and feelings, the DIVINE PLAN OF PERFECTION and the KARMA or Cause and Effect Principle. All of them can be affected by the LAW OF FORGIVENESS. All of those people willing to go forth in these studies, know themselves and solve their own problems should start studying and applying these determining factors. This is how we change our life and it is no longer determined by luck or fate.

Many Spiritual Masters have come to teach us about these truths, but once they pass away, people have either distorted or neglected their teaching and as time went by, we have become what we call “the victims of the system”.

The first Unveiled Law to learn is that we, with our mind and feelings, have created our present and future life.

Mind and feelings, are the great power that makes us rich or poor, happy or unhappy, healthy or sick. People keep on thinking and feeling: “I’m poor”, “I’m useless”, “I’m ruined”, “I’m sick”, “this world is not worth living”, “someone will steal from me”, “this guy is a liar”, “that guy is gossiper” and so on... This pattern of thinking empowers those thoughts and they come true. So, if we want them gone, all we have to do is not thinking that way by taking our powerful mind away from those thoughts.

Our thoughts create what we call “mental images”. Things are the response to the image you hold of them. If you hold in your mind that every time you swim in the river you will get a cold, then you will get it. We are full of images created by our mind but images are not the real thing, they are only a mind creation, a delusion.

The first unveiled law that you will practice is “The Principle of Mentalism”, that reads: EVERYTHING IS MIND. WHAT YOU THINK MANIFESTS ITSELF IN YOUR LIFE.

If we want to, we can totally transform our lives with just the power of our mind.
We could change many things of the outer world as well. The mind brings about positive or negative conditions in our life. Our mind created what happened yesterday, what is happening now and what is going to happen tomorrow. Our mind, our Divine Plan of Perfection and Karma, rule everything in your life.

Mind and feeling are a great creative power that makes things happens. If you think of building a house, you can make it happen, but if you have never thought about it, more than likely, it will never happen. Likewise, if you think that everyone loves you, the whole World will love you. It is a result of the Mentalism Principle which states that all is Mind. You cannot use this power over others, inhibiting them from using their own freedom.

Through our mind we can be aware of our own existence and activate that power from within, which is the power of self, the “I AM”. In our mind we are like God, because we have the same creative power as He Has.

However, ignorance makes human beings to believe that all bad things happen due to good or back luck, fate, bad spirits or God’s punishment. But none of this is real. God does not ever punish. Everything is your own creation because we are and manifest what we think.

Problems, sufferings and sorrows are not real; they are delusions made out of ignorance. You might say: “Then hunger in Africa is a delusion”. It may sound cruel, but yes, it is a delusion. Should they change their state of consciousness, learn and live up to the Seven Universal Laws, they wouldn’t suffer as they do now. This is not a theory to debate, but to take it to action and watch its results.

The conscious mind is an instrument which we employ to direct our attention toward a particular object which has been selected from the limitless assortment of thoughts, emotions, feelings, physical sensations, sensory messages, archetypal field-elements, etc. The conscious mind is our current state of awareness.

The subconscious is the deepest state of the mind. What happens in the conscious world and all the things we were told and taught since we were kids, remain in the subconscious mind, which stores everything. From here, these things will keep coming up in our lives, to the point that they become crystallizations.

Once an idea has been strongly fixed in the conscious mind, it will be stored in the subconscious mind as a mental image.

In the subconscious we find all the things that were ingrained into us when we were little ones. If we were told we were stupid, that thought went directly to the subconscious and became part of our mind programming. The power of your subconscious mind takes those thoughts and processes for us to act on. The final process is delivered to our conscious mind in the form of feedback that we interpret as our thoughts. These thoughts also direct our emotions. So, if we change our mind programming, and we think we are intelligent, that thought will manifest too. As you can see the thought process is very powerful

Therefore, if you are holding the thought that you are clumsy, unhealthy, ugly, stupid, you will be acting on it.

The subconscious does not discriminate against thoughts neither makes decisions of its own. It will deposit all thoughts and feelings in the same way they are coming. If you think of yourself as an ugly person, your subconscious will not debate about it. It will simply obey your orders and it will deliver... you will become more unattractive as days go by. The good news is it works the other way around: you can command that you are beautiful, attractive, intelligent and powerful, and you will see it too.

When a programming gets to the subconscious it is going to stay there forever, unless you remove it by denying it with your own mind. If you are told something that is not good for you, for instance that you are not smart, that you will not pass the exam or that you will be robbed, you can command with all your heart and feeling: “I don’t want this for me or anyone. I delete it from my mind”. You must say this with conviction and mental strength, as much as if you were refusing to eat poisoned food, then you would say: I DON’T WANT THIS! I DON’T ACCEPT IT!

Whether it is self-assurance or insecurity, intelligence or ignorance, love or hatred, beauty or ugliness, health or sickness, wealth or poverty; they all have a record in our subconscious mind.

Our parents, religions leaders, gurus, priests and politicians, have unconsciously programmed all sort of things in our subconscious, which are the source of our fears, insecurities and other negative things.

By denying these negative thoughts and feelings, we start cleansing our mind of negative programming and instead, only good and positive things will be deposited in our subconscious. If you follow this advice, you will become happier, more prosperous, more loving and more successful in your life.

By Rubén Cedeño
If you were to visit the Venezuelan Capitol in Caracas and later you would share your thoughts with me, it would be something like this:
If you were on the north side of the Capitol, you would say it has many statues holding the ceiling.
If you were on the south side, you would say there are no statues but only Greek walls.
If you were on the surrounding areas only, you would say it is all about gardens, not Green walls or statues.
Whoever visited the Capitol has seen it from different standpoints.
The same goes for when we attempt to know about the Christ as the second pillar of this teaching. This is the basis for a person to have a happier life and raise consciousness level. If I ask what the Christ is you will probably answer: He is the son of God, the one we see on the cross, or He is the one we have inside. There are different opinions and we wonder why. Simply, we have all approached to this knowledge from different ways, but who is "THE CHRIST"? Let's discuss this knowledge from three different standpoints as in the Capitol example. First, there is a historic Christ, then an Inner Christ, and third, there is a Cosmic Christ.
Who was the historic Christ? The historic Christ was a man, son of Joseph and Mary, who became a Master. He lived and died in Galilee. Everybody knows about him and he was known as the one who was "crucified".
Let’s take the word Christ to gain more knowledge on this matter. This word comes from the second declination of the Latin words Cristus Cristi, which means anointed, full of grace. It generally referred to those people who were anointed with sacred oil. We can infer that the word CHRIST has nothing to do with a man who was crucified. Although it has been said that the word CHRIST came from the word crucified, this is not true. Christ is an anointed being full of grace.
God is the King and because we are his children, we are all princess and princesses. A prince is a person anointed with something very special, he is an anointed Christ. Each one of us is a perfect son of God. Remember what Jesus said, “You are Gods.” And in the bible, in the book of Genesis, it reads: ”So God created man in his own image and after His likeness”. We are all Gods. Now, do you think that you are God when you are furious and angry? What happens there? God is deep within your own self. He is the little seed you are. This little seed is within your heart and it is truly the son of God. We all carry him in our heart. It is what religions have called the breath of the Holy Spirit, the Divinity in men, the Higher Being, or the Inner Being. This is the Inner Christ, God inside of you, with all the ointments and the blessings of God himself. Every human being has the Inner Christ, whether they are good or bad, whether they hold to a religion or not. All human beings have the spark of God in their hearts and it is called the Inner Christ.
But what is the relationship between this Christ and Jesus? Not everyone knows what you are learning right now. Today, like in the past, there is a number of people who ignore these teachings. Two thousand years ago, a person called Jesus embodied and fully manifested his Inner Christ. He became that Being that we all hold in our hearts. He decided to act as a direct channel of that inner Christ and set him free so It could manifest itself.
We all have this Inner Christ like Jesus, but why is not fully manifested? Why are we not like Jesus? Remember that Jesus said: ”You will do these things and even greater. If you tell this mountain to move and go to the sea, this mountain will obey”. Now, why can you not do it? Because you were never told you could... that is why. Your personality, with all its  flaws, hatred and malice, has denied God's Wisdom and made your Inner Christ withdraw into a steel capsule.

By contrast, when you start thinking positive and learn of your  Inner Christ, the steel capsule starts to break up and the Inner Christ starts to manifest itself. So, what do you think, see and feel when God is inside of you? It is very easy. When the supreme stream of energy of your Higher Self descends upon your physical body, a conduit called the Silver Cord is formed. This cord penetrates through your head between the parietal and the occipital bones, and when it reaches your heart, it explodes in a three-fold flame surrounded by an immense sun-like light. This three-fold flame holds the three primary aspects of God: Will, Wisdom and Love. In church you have seen how God is symbolized as the Eternal Father. A triangle is drawn and its three corners symbolize: Will, Wisdom and Love; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Why are these three aspects and not others? Because a universe cannot exist if there is no Will, Love and Wisdom altogether. If any of these three elements are missing, the universe could not hold on to existence either. Thus, God works with these three aspects together. We all dependen on them. Every one of us has God inside with these three aspects. You cannot tell anyone that you do not know something because God inside of you knows it. When you say you don't know, you are slaming the door in God's face. Whenever you say "I can't", you are denying the Christ inside of you the opportunity to manifest itself. He can give you all the Wisdom, the Will and the power of God itself.
Your Christ is God going with you everywhere. He has been called The Guardian Angel by many religions. Every human being carries this heart of light with the threefold flame. At first, they are small, but they can grow to the size of the body. A living Golden Flame is the Wisdom of God. All the Illumination and the Knowledge of God is inside of you for you to use. For instance, when your body is fighting an infection, the white blood cells fight it for you and you hare healed. The digesting process is done thanks to the intelligence present in your body, which is the Golden Ray of your threefold flame.
You are also going to find within your heart the strength, the power and the faith of God, which is the Blue Flame within your heart. You should never say you lack faith, because the greatest faith in the world dwells within your heart.
The Pink Flame is all your Divine Love within your heart. You cannot hate or reject people, because you have the love of God. Moreover, this Inner Christ with its threefold flame is within everyone. How can you hate a person when you and that person both hold the same God in your hearts. The bottom line is that the same divine energy is the one flowing through flowers, trees and all all that exist. Everything in this universe has the three aspects of God. But if we open any heart, the threefold flame cannot be seen, you might say. And that is true. However, I am talking about the spiritual heart. This truth has been known through all the ages and by all esoteric schools. Now it is time for all people to become aware of the Inner Christ. When Jesus lived in Jerusalem, he made everything using the power of the Inner Christ. He said “I Am the Path, the Truth and the Life”.
Now, we are going to talk about the Cosmic Christ. The sum of all the Christs or Divine sparks are contained in the Cosmic Christ. He is a real Being, tangible and visible, known as VISHNU. Actually, Koot Hoomi is the planetary Christ for Earth. Prior to him, the planetary Christ was Maitreya, known by the Christians as Jesus. He worked through Jesus to manifest the synthesis of all that is christic in the universe. Don't think for a second that Christ lives in the Catholic Church only or with those who announce his coming. He lives within all religions around the world. When he comes, he will not come to a few ones, he will come and open his arms to everyone. Why? Because everyone has a part of him wihint his heart.
To keep it simple, we could summerize saying that the Cosmic Christ worked through Jesus’ body and blood. When Jesus blood reached the ground, each drop had the Christ essence. Each one of us carries a drop of this blood within our hearts.
The greatest gift you can offer is to constantly bless that Inner Christ in others. You can call upon the Inner Christ for everything you need, when you do not understand something, when you lack love, when something is missing,etc. Think that it is God inside of you with all his power. Once someone asked Jesus where Heaven was, he replied: “Be careful, it is much closer to you than your own feet”. It is within your heart, you should look for it there. The festival of Asala has been celebrated throughout the ages on the first full moon of June. It is the festival of the Christ. This day, the Christic forces in nature are more alive than any other day of the year. Years ago, Lord Maitreya gave a prayer on the full moon of June called The Great Invocation, it is a universal prayer that can be used daily.

By Rubén Cedeño
The chart of the “I AM” is the physical representation of your Real Being. God in you is the Higher Being where all beings sum up and synthesize. This chart is divided in three parts that represent the human as a trinity: Spirit, Soul and Body.
1. THE SPIRIT is the Superior figure that contains in its body of Light the totality of the chart. This is because it is everything. It is your Higher Self also known as “I AM,” “The Monad,” or “The Father in Heaven”. Its body is made of electronic fire and the Cosmic Law that rules it is the one of synthesis. It synthesizes everything and there is nothing outside its Being. For the Tibetans the Spirit is AVALOKITESWARA, which means “The one who looks.” It is represented with wide and bright eyes because it is the Watcher Being of the Cosmos activity. It lives in the highest plane of manifestation which is the Monadic. The Spirit is also known as ANUPADAKA, which means “self created.” Because the I AM is a Divine auto creation, from its forehead comes the three-fold flame that represents the three primary aspects of God: Will, Wisdom and Love. In its CORONARY Chakra there is a circle with a point that is the symbol of the cosmos which represents the Logos, the word, or the “I AM.” This presence is projected through the Atmic, the Buddhic and the higher Mental planes getting into the Spiritual Triad. This is where Atma is the first expression of the Being “I AM”, Buddhi is the consciousness of “I AM” in all life, and Mind is the Divine consciousness expanding towards humans. This is located in the lower part of the chart that represents the body or personality.
2. THE SOUL is at the center of the chart represented by a Golden Lotus with twelve petals and a three-fold flame in the center. This is the Christ Lotus. All these names are synonymous with Spiritual Soul or Ego, with capital E. The Soul is the intermediary between the “I AM” Presence and the personality. The seven concentric circles surrounding the Christ Lotus represent the Causal Body, this is where Wisdom is recorded and accumulated through all the re-embodiments of a Being. The Christ Lotus as well as the Causal Body resides in the higher mental plane. The Blue and Pink rays that penetrate through the central sides of the chart are the two rays of Light that emanate from the eyes of Amida Buddha. They form the Jewel in the Lotus or “PADMA PANI,” whose name is the mantra “OM MANI PADME HUM,” or “I AM THAT I AM”. It should be pronounced to call up the Christ to action. The triangle that surrounds the Lotus is the symbol of the Christ.
3. The Inferior Being represents the PERSONALITY or the lower tetrad. This is composed of the physical, the etheric, the astral and the inferior mental bodies. These four lower vehicles are in balance and represented by a square forming a Maltese Cross. It is the electronic pattern of the Master Saint Germain and the Era of the Violet Flame. In the center of the cross there is a heart with a three-fold flame that is the reflection of the Christ living in the hearts of every human being. Through the flame are reflected the three aspects of God which are the essence of the “I AM” and the Christ. The ray of light that unites the lower being with the Christ and the “I AM” Presence is the Triple Silver Cord. The life of the personality, the Christ and the “I AM,” communicates with each other during the period of embodiment through this cord. The Violet tube that surrounds the lower body is the Pillar of Violet Fire which should surround all students in the Ascension path for the protection and purification of their lower nature. The Pillar of white light that stands out from the Violet Flame is the Ascension Flame which grants the final victory of the circle of life. This flame is the unification of the lower being with the Inner Christ, and finally with the “I AM” Presence. This luminous unification is known in the Inner Planes as the Ascension for the Earth or the first Cosmic Initiation.
This chart is charged with the radiation, Light, and Love of the Octave of the Ascended Masters; therefore, it can be used for meditation, teachings, and as the center field of spiritual force for homes, as well as instructional centers of the New Age.
The message of this instruction is for you to recognize the presence of God within your heart. There are people who pray before the image of Mary Mother of Jesus, but this image can be destroyed at any time because everything that has a beginning has an end and what does not have a beginning will never have an end. People should only be conscious of God. God has never had a beginning; therefore, He will never have an end. He will never be disappointed or leave you alone because wherever you are, He is, too. Whether you are happy or sad, good or bad, God is with you, and he will never quit on you. If this planet or solar system is destroyed, the only thing that will remain is “THE I AM.” It is what will remain resounding in the universe when this period of Cosmic Manifestation ends. Everything else is not worthy. Leave everything and consider it lost and contemplate the only thing gained, God inside of you.
This is the task. There is nothing else to seek, nothing else to ask for. You already know what you have to know. You found what you were looking for. As the Bible reads, “Today is the day of your salvation”. Don't wait for tomorrow, because it may never come. Today is in your hands. Today you have it over here, do it and realize the Presence of God inside of you.
The only thing that separates you from God is your mind, so you might tell your mind: "Shut up, you won't control over me anymore; only God will”. The principle of mentalism is important, but the “I AM,” is above this principle. Our mind can betray us and we should trascend our mind. Our I AM is  in a higher plane than our mind, emotions and physical body. Only God as the only Presence, the only Power, the only Substance, the only Energy.
When you say "I AM," you are pronouncing the name of God. Any word that follows, Truth, Health, Opulence, etc., will manifest because God is "I AM" and the energy of the "I AM" is qualified with your words. You have in your hands the scepter of power. You know that all destructive things in your life have been generated by using the "I AM" negatively.
Today, is the day you are going to redeem all this misused energy through the Law of Forgiveness and the Violet Transmuting Fire. You are going to start a new life by using the "I AM" for Good and Perfection. You may be identifying yourself with a negative appearance for a few days and this will continue to manifest as long as you make comments on it, talk about it, and believe it. The day you say to that appearance: “you do not exist”, “you are not true”, and “you have no power”, and you call for the opposite quality from your "I AM" such as Unity, Truth, Forgiveness, and Love, you will see the negativity goes away, no matter how bad it was. The “I AM" can do everything for you.
When you say: “I AM the only Presence”, you are taking away power from all negative creations. By saying “I AM the only Presence, the only Power”, you are taking away power from everything that is not God in you. Thus, you are calling fro the greatest Truth and the greatest Power to bring Perfection. But when you say “I cannot, I do not know, it is impossible for me”, you are closing the door to the manifestation of Light and to the manifestation of God’s Presence. You have in your hands the power and the scepter of command, use it and manage it. Do not be scared. If there are some people who have not been scared to rob, to assassinate, and to lead a country to war, why are you going to get scared of using the power of the “I AM” Presence to bring Peace, Harmony, Love and Unity to Earth through God? Why are you going to feel fear? Why are you going to deny yourself? If you do not do it, you are teaming up with evil. You have to assume the power of God because it is the commitment that will give you the knowledge; it is what will rebound in benefit of your spiritual progress and the spiritual progress of all mankind. This is the reason why the Ascended Masters want to give us the knowledge, so we break the chains of imperfect human creations, assume the command, and take control of the power of our lives and the world around us. Let’s make this world better every day, because the salvation of the human race is in our hands. We are the world and whatever we say against the world, we are saying it to ourselves and others. “I AM” is God manifested everywhere.
Take command and the power of the “I AM” Presence to govern the world by Truth, Love and Wisdom. Assume the power now. There is no time to lose!
To say before the Chart of the “I AM” Presence
Your heart is my heart, “I AM” your heart of Light.
Your head is my head, “I AM” your crown of Light.
Your eyes are my eyes, “I AM” your vision of Light.
Your voice is my voice, “I AM” your verb of Light.
Your hands are my hands, “I AM” your hands of Light.
Your audition is my audition, “I AM” your audition of Light.
Your feet are my feet, “I AM” your walk of Light.
Your body is my body, “I AM” your electronic body of Light.
Your rays of Light are my attire of Light. “I AM” what you are.

By Rubén Cedeño
"God is Light" states Saint John. If light passes through a prism, light is difracted in seven colors. Each color relates to and aspect of God. All the Holy teachings say that God is Light. The pure Light contains all the qualities of God, and the difracted light shares the same qualities as God.
Fire is not just a flame made by friction. There is an internal fire which is the Inner Christ, the Fire of the Spirit, and the Flames. God manifests in our hearts as a three-fold flame: a Blue flame that is all his Will, a Golden flame that is all his Wisdom and a Pink flame that is all his Love. We all have a three-fold flame in our hearts. When the Pink and the Blue Flames are put together, the Violet Flame is created. The Pink Flame is God's Love, the Blue one is God's Power and Will, the Violet Flame is God's Forgiveness, Transmutation, Order and Freedom.
The Violet Flame is an activity that the Masters have sent forth to help humanity dissolve its problems. The Masters want humanity to understand that the internal combination of the Pink and the Blue Flames creates the Violet Flame. This Flame has the power to dissolve and consume all the mistakes committed by us in this life and previous lives as well. This Violet Flame helps us to erase the great burden caused by sin, bad karma or bad luck.
These three factors, have sunk humanity into a frightening negativity where people feel helpless. This teaching helps us to create True Light, which in return removes the burden off humanity. The moment to learn about the Sacred Fire has arrived. The Masters want the entire human race to start using the Sacred Fire, The Violet Flame.
The Seven Rays of God has each a different virtue or quality. One of these colors is the Violet, which has the extraordinary quality of Forgiveness, Transmutation, Order and Liberation.
What importance does Forgiveness have in our lives? Do you know that a high percentage of the illnesses we suffer are caused by not forgiving or asking for forgiveness? Grudges are the cancer of the soul. When we do not forgive, a scar is formed in our subtle bodies and as time goes by, this can really hurt us and manifest in our physical body as an illness.
People who do not forgive are hurting themselves. The day we begin to forgive, it is like taking off a huge burden from us. Many negative things has gone through our lives and if we keep thinking about it, we empower them and become a Crystallization. We can say that the negative force has been crystallized. When the lava of a hot volcano is slowly cooling off, crystals are formed. The same thing happens with our thoughts; however, most of the time, these crystals are not precious jewels but frightening carbons that we have stored in the subconscious.
The power of denying these thoughts can actually erase them by saying: “I do not accept this”; “I take off the power”.
At times, there are humongous crystals already formed in our subconscious that the mind cannot erase and we need a greater power: the power of the Almighty one, God acting as a cleanser in the Violet Flame.
Many times, a stressful environment at home or at work makes it unbearable but you are dragged into it for a long period of time. When situations like this arise, they crystallize and it seems like nothing can change it. But there is something that can delete it forever and that is the Violet Flame or the Transmuting Fire.
What does Transmuting mean? To transmute is to change, for instance, something that was 50 degrees negative to 50 degrees positive, something bad to good.
What does consuming mean? To consume is to dissolve all negative situations and erase them forever. I really invite you to think of this Violet Transmuting and Consuming Flame. It is a blessing from God to know that there is something that can change and erase negative things.

How can we use this transmuting power? Through verbal affirmations, feelings and thoughts. Just by calling this Flame forth, it will fill the place with its Radiation. Also, by thinking of the Violet Flame, the world around us gets filled with its light. You need to see this through the eyes of the Spirit, however, there are people who can see it with their physical eyes.
You can either visualize or imagine the Violet Flame. Visualize a negative situation surrounded by this purple light, or imagine a purple pillar around that place, person or situation and that will be enough. Try it, and you will convince yourself just like others have done it. I have witnessed many miracles done by the use of the Violet Flame. Master Saint Germain, who teaches the activity of this Flame, also teaches how to use it. For example: by imposing hands for healing. There are specific affirmations that are not prayers, they are called Mantras or words of power. The Violet Flame can be invoked through an affirmation like this one: “I Am the Law of Forgiveness and the Violet Transmuting Flame which consumes and dissolves all the mistakes committed by me and by all humanity”.
The Violet Flame can come through the sincere invocation from your heart, not only through the invocation mentioned above. You can call it for anything you need, for example, a physical suffering. When you call this Flame to solve a problem or to dissolve hatred between two persons, it is convenient to say: “I call the Violet Flame to enfold this appearance”. Why? Because the Truth of everything is Perfection, Harmony, Beauty, Happiness, Comprehension and Friendship. The opposite to this is appearance. If we decree that a negative situation is true, we are identifying ourselves with it and allowing the negativity to exist, because everything is mind. The day we set ourselves free from negative thoughts we are all going to be free forever.
If you don't understand any of these now, it does not matter, let it go, you will understand it some time later. It might happen that in any moment the truth will smack you in the face or perhaps an idea will pop up in your mind, and it will bring a better comprehension of what you had already heard.
The Violet Flame was given to humanity when it was at the point of destruction due to the negative environment. The Masters, at the sight of this delicate and dangerous situation of the planet, decided to pass on the use of the Violet Flame. This Flame was known from centuries ago in the Masters' retreats, and it was in some way the occult teachings left by Zarathustra about the Flame. But it was lost and the Masters decided to give humanity the use of the Violet Flame so that it could purify the planet's atmosphere.        
We live in the dark because humanity lives constantly fighting against each other and this creates the darkness in which the whole world lives. Isn't it a shame? Don’t you think that we should take action to change this destructive situation on Earth? Wouldn’t it be nicer to live in a better world full of harmony, peace, and no fear? Wouldn't be better to live without the menace that some people might have the power to make this planet explode? Wouldn't be nicer to live without pollution? Do not think that living in a better world comes on its own. This is going to be done by humanity itself because it is the only one that demands a better world; therefore, it has to create it.
There are many ways to do it. We can achieve it through feelings of love, gratitude, and happiness. We can achieve this goal by smiling to everyone and looking good so people feel happy by being with us. It can also be done through the mind, invocations and decrees. Through invocations and decrees, we call stronger powers than the one you physically have to create positivism in the planet. We are all committed to the salvation of humanity, but we are not alone. We have the weapons of light: positive thoughts, the principle of mentalism, the Inner Christ  and the Violet Flame.
Let’s begin to use the Violet Fire in our own world. Let’s dissolve the crystallizations stored in our brain and emotions. Let’s fix our homes in Divine Order. Then, let’s arrange the whole city, the whole country. Finally, as a group let’s call the Violet Flame for the dissolution of all the problems that affect our community and the entire planet:
“I AM  a Mighty Pillar of Consuming Violet Flame
consuming and dissolving all the mistakes
made by me and by all humanity”.
By Ruben Cedeño
In the name of the Divine Presence of God “I AM THAT I AM”, I invoke the Beloved Master Saint Germain, to bring here and now all the Transmuting and Protecting Powers and the Compassionate Love of The Violet Flame, to enfold my family, my friends, my spiritual group of metaphysics, my job, this country, this continent and the whole world.
All sinister powers that are against the Divine Plan of Protection, Good Will, Wisdom, Love, Unity, Happiness, Beauty, Health, Opulence, Peace, Harmony, Forgiveness and Compassionate Love that God wishes for all human beings on Earth.
I AM, AMEN (x3)
AMEN (x3)

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