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Ascended Masters

Lord Gautama
Lord Maitreya (The Divine Lord)
Department of the MANU
Master El Morya
Department of the
Lord Koot Hoomi
Lord Lanto
Lord Djwal Kool
Department of the
Paul the Venetian
Lord Siryan
El Morya
Lady Miriam
Lord Principa
Lord Jupiter
Commander Conrad
Mother Isis
Shri Magra
Godfree Ray King
Lady Soo Shee
Koot Hoomi
Lord Gautama
Djwal Kool
The Meru Gods
Lord Himalaya
Kenich Ahan
Lady Rowena
Paul the Venetian
The Holy Aeolus
Serapis Bey
Lord Ptah
Amen Bey
Tutan Bey
Pallas Athena
(Mother Mary)
Lord Ling
the Beloved
Lady Nada
Saint Teresa of Avila
Kwan Yin
Saint Germain
Mother Alexa
Lord Kamakura
Sengen Sama
Lady Portia

Former Earth's Planetary Logos
By Ruben Cedeño
Source:  Metaphysical Encyclopedic Dictionary

Sanat Kumara founded the Spiritual Hierarchy 18 million years ago, and since then He has been the Planetary Logos of the Earth until Lord Gautama Buddha was ready to take His place. On the 21st of January 1956 He was released from His service earthbound.

He is one of the seven Kumaras that came from Venus in the Lemurian age, and their names are: Sanat Kumara, Sanaka Kumara, Sananda Kumara, Sanátana Kumara, Sana Kumara, Kapila Kumara y Sujata Kumara.
Kumara means “The Eternal Youth”, a young boy no more than 16 years old. His Keynote can be found in “Beautiful Dreamer”, by Stephen Foster. Another Keynote for Sanat Kumara is found in the famous “Caprice Vennois Op. 2” of composer and fiddler Fritz Kreisler, who was born in Vienna, Austria, on the 2nd of February 1875, and passed away in New York in 1962.
The Divine Complement of Sanat Kumara is Lady Venus, and Her Keynote is found in the Third Movement of the “Second Symphony” by Rachmaninoff. Her veiled name is SHUKRA.
Sanat Kumara brought the honey from his home Venus, the Planet of Love, and this is a sweet nectar exuded by plants and recollected by bees. It is a chemical product that heals bronchial infections, is cicatrizing, anti inflammatory, disinfects burns, heals bruises and regenerates scalp. It is also an extraordinary poly vitamin recommended for consumption.

By C.W.Leadbeater
Source: Masters and the Path

Lord Gautama took His last birth in India in the year 623 B.C., and in that incarnation He finished His series of lives as Bodhisattva, and succeeded the previous Buddha Kasyapa as Head of the Second Ray in the Occult Hierarchy of our globe. He was the first of our humanity to attain that stupendous height, the previous Buddhas having been the product of other evolutions, and a very special effort was needed on His part to prepare Himself for this lofty post, an effort so stupendous that it is spoken of constantly by the Buddhists as the Mahabhinishkramana, the Great Sacrifice.

That great sacrifice of the Buddha is spoken of in all the sacred books of the Buddhists; but they have not understood the nature of the sacrifice, for many believe it to have been the descent of the Lord Buddha from Nirvanic levels after His Illumination to teach His Law. It is true that He did so descend, but that would not be anything in the nature of a sacrifice; it would only be an ordinary, but not very pleasant piece of work. The great sacrifice that He made was this spending of thousands of years in order to qualify Himself to be the first of mankind who should help His brother-men by teaching to them the Wisdom which is life eternal.
That work was done, and nobly done. We know something of the various incarnations that He took after that, as Bodhisattva of His time, though there may be many more of which we know nothing. He appeared as Vyasa; He came to ancient Egypt as Hermes, the Thrice-Greatest, who was called the Father of All Wisdom; He was the first of the twenty-nine Zoroasters, the Teachers of the Religion of the Fire; still later He walked amongst the Greeks as Orpheus, and taught them by means of music and of song; and finally He took His last birth in the north of India, and wandered up and down the Ganges valley for five and forty years, preaching His Law, and drawing round Himself all those who in previous lives had been His pupils.
The occasion selected for this wonderful outpouring is the full moon day of the Indian month of Vaisakh (called in Ceylon Wesak, and usually corresponding to the English May), the anniversary of all the momentous occurrences of His last earthly life-- His birth, His attainment of Buddhahood, and His departure from the physical body.

In connection with this visit of His, and quite apart from its tremendous esoteric significance, an exoteric ceremony is performed on the physical plane at which the Lord actually shows Himself in the presence of a crowd of ordinary pilgrims. Whether He shows Himself to pilgrims I am not certain; they all prostrate themselves at the moment when He appears, but that may be only in imitation of the prostration of the Adepts and Their pupils, who do see the Lord Gautama. It seems probable that some at least of the pilgrims have seen Him for themselves, for the existence of the ceremony is widely known among the Buddhists of central Asia, and it is spoken of as the appearance of the Shadow or Reflection of the Buddha, the description given of it in such traditional accounts being as a rule fairly accurate. So far as we can see there appears to be no reason why any person whatever who happens to be in the neighbourhood at the time may not be present at the ceremony; no apparent effort is made to restrict the number of spectators; though it is true that one hears stories of parties of pilgrims who have wandered for years without being able to find the spot.

By Rubén Cedeño
  Source: The Metaphysical Encyclopedia Dictionary

Also known as “Lord Divine”. He holds the office of the Planetary Buddha, and is also one of the members of Triumvirate of Shamballa. He was the Being who worked with the Ascended Master Jesus during his ministry in Palestine.

He was previously the Cosmic Christ or the Boddhisattwa. He is the Christ reincarnated. His name means “Infinite Compassion”.

His Key Note can be found in the “Sweet Ministry of Life” of the Opera “Naughty Marietta” by Victor Herbert. He is the incarnation of the Dhyanni Buddha Amoghasiddhi.

The Enfolding Spirit for the year 2003
By Ruben Cedeño

He previously served as the Maha Chohan (The Great Divine Director). Paul the Venetian now serves in that capacity. Beloved Aeolus was called to occupy the position of the Cosmic Holy Spirit.

Aeolus, as Cosmic Holy Spirit, is the Breath of Life within the human being and within all form in the universe. He is the prana, the Breath (the Energy) of God.
Aeolus is known in the Greek Golden Age as the King of the Winds who lived in the Island of Aeolia and whose inhabitants lived in a constant vital activity (State of Perfection). All this is symbolic in order to infuse the vital activity (Spiritual Energy) within matter, which is the natural activity of the Third Ray.
Aeolus was the Spirit that manifested as 'Tongues of Fire' on the heads of Mother Mary and the Apostles of the Master Jesus. This is known as Pentecost.
He is the Great Comforter. His Seven Gifts are manifested in the Virtues of The Seven Rays. They are: Strength, Understanding, Love, Purity, Science, Mysticism and Mercy.
His Etheric Retreat is in Ceylon, at the moment Sri Lanka, and it is now camouflaged under a tea plantation. It was opened for first time with public knowledge from May 15th to June 14th 1952.
He is the Guru of Geraldine Innocente, today the beloved Ascended Master Lady Miriam, founder of 'the Bridge to Freedom' in the United States. She is the Divine Complement of the Beloved Master El Morya. Through this activity The Holy Aeolus gave several discourses and dictations.
His Keynote is found in "At Dawning", from "American Indian Song", by Charles W. Cadman, in the "Adagio of the 2nd movement in E minor" of the Second Symphony, by Sergei Rachmaninoff, and in "Homing", by Teresa del Riego.
His Electronic Pattern is a descending White Dove.
He was the Enfolding Spirit for the year 2003.


By Rubén Cedeño

Former Chohan of the Seventh Ray. At present he is responsible for being the King of the Golden Age during the first two thousand years, period which corresponds to the radiation of the Violet Ray. Also known as the God of Liberty and Avatar Aquarius. As a Being of Infinite Compassion, He has earned the merit of being the depositary of the Radiation of Amida Buddha, Being of Infinite Light and Splendor without Limits.

He is known in the occult levels as the Master R or simply as THE COUNT. His name Count of Saint Germain means: “The Saint Brother of the Community.” By simply saying the name “Saint Germain” the surroundings are filled with the Violet Ray, because his name alone is a mantram.
Some of the Master’s past lives include:
Saint Joseph: 1st Century – Israel. Consort of Mother Mary, having the task of helping her in the delicate mission of bringing into the world the body that would be used by Lord Maitreya to initiate the Pisces Age and Christianity.
Saint Alban: IV Century, First Christian martyr of England. Lived in the year 303 A.D. He was involved with the Freemasonry movement, an organization that has always benefited from Master Saint Germain’s protection. He introduced numerous rituals and esoteric teachings in England.
Proclus: V Century – Greece. Philosopher, considered to have been the best of the Neo-Platonic scholars. He was a disciple of Olympiodorus of Alexandria, and Syrianus of Athens.
Christian Rosenkreutz: XIII Century – Germany. Founder of the Rosicrucian Order, with the purpose of restoring the true teachings of esoteric Christianity from ignorance. His name means: The Christian of the Rose in the Cross. Such a rose is the symbolic representation of the Christ awakening on the Cross, which is the physical body.
Hunyadi Janos: XV Century – Hungary. He was a hero in the Hungarian resistance against the Turks.
Robert The Monk: XVI Century.
Prince Rakoczi: Son of the liberator of Hungary, Ferencz Rakoczi. This family is still widely known and loved in Hungary today, and still preserve the castles and palaces along with all their family portraits. The castle where Saint Germain lived as a member of this family is still intact and well preserved in the town of Sarospatak, in the Carpathian Mountains. The Room of the Throne is presided by an immense shield depicting a dragon devouring its own tale, which is an esoteric symbol of Infinity and of the serpent of Creation. This symbol can also be found thousands of miles away in the Brown Palace Hotel of Denver, Colorado, USA, where one of the most recognizable disciples of Saint Germain would often lodge, the beloved Guy Ballard.
Saint Germain: It was with this name that the mysterious adept became known in the European courts in the XVIII century. He bought this title in San Germano, Italy, by the Italian Tyrol, a town that is just a few hours away from Milan, and which has a beautiful church. By 1997 only a few habitants remained. Saint Germain was known for being related to the Sha of Persia in 1731, the Stuart in 1741, Louis XV in 1748 and of Catalina of Russia in 1762.

By Ruben Cedeño
Source:  The Seven Rays

He is the First Angel of the Heavens, who sustains and defends the Manifesting Universe within His “Ring Pass Not”, so that the shadows of inmanifestation do not intrude.

Archangel Michael energizes his Defensive Powers of the First Ray in a Sword of Flame, of Blue Light, which he sustains at all levels of the atomic constitution, since his Sword is his electronic pattern.
Upon His arrival on earth, he established His light by the Rocky Mountain, which is now Lake Louise, located near a town called Banff, in the State of Alberta, Canada; just a few hours away from the city of Calgary.

His temple had a beautiful cover of Light which appeared to be made of diamonds and in his zenith would shine a figure of Archangel Michael himself with his Sword of Flame. The temple still stands today in the same location in an ascended state.

A replica of the Sword of Blue Flame is carried by the Legion of Angels that Archangel Michael leads through his Commander Conrad.

The Sword of Blue Flame can be invoked by all human beings to defend themselves against the forces of darkness and any other condition that is not equal to the truth.


Archangel Michael is the only Archangel recognized in many religions, which include the following:
a.- Christianity: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and Copt.
b.- Judaism.
c.- Islam.

Archangel Michael as the defender of the  Manifested Universe or the Heavens is revealed by John the Beloved in the Apocalypses where he explains: “Michael and his Legions of Angels were fighting against the Dragon, and the Dragon and his legions were fighting, but they did not prevail, and there was no place left for them in the heavens”.

The Metaphysical Dictionary of the Bible defines Michael as: “The Divine Inspiration and the Realization of all the requirements of the Power of God”.

Michael is known inside the 1st Kabala as METATRON which means: “The Prince of Phases”, the Archangel of a Bright world, which in Kabala terms means world of Creation, that is also the Cosmic Astral, the plane that is beyond the MAHÂ-PARA-NIRVANA. Its correspondence is the World of Desire, where the Archangel Michael is the defender of the Light within darkness.

Max Heindel describes one of the most beautiful revelations with respect to Archangel Michael: “The Archangel of the Sword of Flame and Powerful Genius of the Light, leader of the celestial militias and ambassador of the Sun on Earth, Defender of the nation of Judea and later of Christianity. Working from within the Solar Spheres he became the propeller of such qualities as fraternity, justice and courage in mankind”.

The Key Note of Archangel Michael can be found in the Opera “FAUST” by the French musician CHARLES GOUNOD. The theme of the Opera is precisely about the battles between the Forces of the Light against darkness, where Mephistopheles desires to take possession of Faust’s soul, but the purity of his girlfriend Daisy saves his soul. The script of the Opera is an adaptation of the first act of the homonymous play of the German initiate  Goethe. The Key Note of Archangel Michael can be found in the “The Soldier’s Chorus” in the second act of the opera, where Mephistopheles appears casting out spells and the soldiers are pledging an oath.   The occult meaning that is in tune with the march is the battle against evil. The Key Note of Archangel Michael’s Legions can be found in the masterpiece of the beloved Italian musician OTTORINO RESPIGHI in a composition known as “THE STAINED-GLASS WINDOWS OF THE CHURCH”, where one of the four fragments of this symphonic poem is about the Archangel Michael in a battle against the demon. It is a completely descriptive masterpiece and in the first act the forces of darkness are presented by the orchestra, and further in the play the appearance of the Victorious Archangel Michael can be perceived in the final act.

By Ruben Cedeño
Source:  The Seven Rays

The Archangel Jophiel and his Divine Shakti, Lady Constanza, are the Directors of the angelic legions that work in all the intelligent functions of our beloved Earth, the 7 Realms, within the 5 kingdoms and the elementals.
They assist humanity in the achievement of Intelligence and Divine Wisdom.

Archangel Jophiel is responsible for sustaining in the consciousness of humanity that the achievement of illumination is everything that mankind requires for his evolution.

Beloved Constanza offers humanity the gift of consistency to persist in the Path of Illumination until the Victorious Achievement of the Ascension is reached in every part of Life.


By Ruben Cedeño
Source:  The Seven Rays

Archangels Chamuel and Charity are the Angelic Directors of all the Pink Angels of Divine Love that work in this Universe. Beloved Chamuel compels humankind to become aware that the greatest Love that one must have in life is that of the Inner Self, and when this is achieved, it eliminates all suffering and depression caused by the afflictions of humanity.
The Beloved Archangel Chamuel and Lady Charity sustain their radiation of Love in one of the most beautiful musical passages ever to be written in the history of the Opera, as is the “REGINA COELI” of “CAVALLERÍA RUSTICANA”, by the Italian composer PIETRO MASCAGNI. It is a choral with orchestra that has a lyric with an exalted spiritual content lead by the melody. Listening to this masterpiece draws you near, whether consciously or unconsciously, to the highest spheres of Love Divine.
The Lyric reads:

Regina coeli Caetare
Inneggiamo, il Signor non e morto
Ei fulgente ha dischiuso I'avel
Inneggiamo al Signore risorto
Oggi asceso alla gloria del ciel
Rejoice oh Queen of the heavens
Let us praise, the Lord is not dead,
he has resurrected and shines brightly in glory
Let us praise the Lord who has
Today he has ascended in the Glory of the Heavens.
Let us praise

By Ruben Cedeño
Source: The Seven Rays
Archangel Gabriel was known as the Angel who protected Jesus, Mary and Joseph during their escape to Egypt, by enfolding them in “the Mantle of Invisibility” against the persecution of Herod.

The Mantle of the Invisibility of Archangel Gabriel can be invoked at any time we are in need of protection against evil, lies, treachery or any other sinister forces, by decreeing:
“I AM the Invisible Mantle of Archangel Gabriel that makes me invisible and invincible against all sinister forces that are less than the Perfection of God”.

The keynote of the Retreat of Archangel Gabriel and His divine complement, Lady Hope, is in the Prelude of the 1st Act of the mystic Opera “Parsifal” by Wagner, name that expresses the purity of the Forth Ray. The author began this composition during the period of the Holy Week, in which the Fourth Ray is most active, producing the radiation of Ascension for all life on our beloved Planet Earth.

The Intermezzo of the Opera “Cavalleria Rusticana,” by Pietro Mascagni, is the personal Keynote of Archangel Gabriel. In the Opera, this Intermezzo takes place on a Sunday of Resurrection, day in which the Ascension Ray irradiates with all its power.

The Retreat of Archangel Gabriel and Lady Hope is located in Hope Valley, in El Dorado National Forest, South from Lake Tahoe, in California, USA.

Hope conforms, together with Lady Faith and Lady Charity, the Three Theological Virtues of the Christian Dispensation.

Hope offers to mankind the virtue of the recovery of the Kingdom of Heaven by means of joyful expectation and enthusiasm.

Lady Hope's keynote can be found in “Notturno, Op.70, N.o.1” of Giuseppe Martucci.


By Rubén Cedeño
Source: The Seven Rays
The beloved Archangels Raphael and Lady Regina, are responsible for the sustenance of all the activities of the Fifth Ray, brought down to Earth by the Beloved Elohims Vista and Crystal.

The Archangel Raphael is the Doctor of the Heavens and he is present in all acts of healings where His Presence is required. He presented himself before Tobias in tangible and visible form. The story can be found in the Old Testament of the Bible.

The Key Note of the Beloved Archangel Raphael can be found in the masterpiece  “WHISPERING HOPE” by HAWTHORNE.

Beloved Regina is the Divine Shakti of Archangel Raphael, and was the Inner Being that worked within Mother Mary in her incarnation as the Mother of the Master Jesus. Her Key Note can be found in “AVE MARIA” by SCHUBERT, sang and recognised as the highest expression of love and adoration to the inner self of Mother Mary.


By Rubén Cedeño
Source: The Seven Rays
Archangel Uriel and Lady Grace are the sustainers of the Sixth Ray within the planetary environment.
Beloved Grace is the donor of the gift of Grace to those who are in need or demand it. Her key Note is found in the Andante, Impromtu N°3 in G Flat Mayor by FRANZ SCHUBERT.

The Beloved Archangel Uriel is the supplier of all the required material, vital, emotional and mental needs for all streams of life, whether incarnated or disincarnated within the planet earth. He also commands the activity of all the Angels of Ministration, chained by love to every stream of life as Guardian Angels.

The Key Note of the Beloved Uriel can be found in the well known “Lullaby” by the romantic German composer BRAHMS. He can also be invoked for the supply of money.


By Rubén Cedeño
Source: The Seven Rays
Along with Beloved Amethyst, Archangel Zadkiel is the sustainer of all the Activity of the Violet Flame for Earth and commander and Leader of all the Legions of Angels of the Violet Flame. He sustains within the Etheric Kingdom “The TEMPLE OF PURIFICATION" over the Island of Cuba, which conforms, along with the "Temple of Mother Mercedes" in Santo Domingo and the "Palace of the Purpose of Man" in Caracas, "The Violet Triangle of the Caribbean". This Temple was once visible at a time when Cuba formed part of the Atlantis. The Temple is purely made of amethyst. 
The amethyst is a solidified version of the Violet Ray and a tangible manifestation of the Beloved Amethyst. The use of the Amethyst will increase in the New Era, especially in the Priesthood of the Sacred Fire. The Beloved Zadkiel and Amethyst are the hierarchs in the Order of Zadkiel, in which the Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain himself once served as a Priest.
Surrounding the Temple of Transmutation, are seven minor temples with golden domes, in which the Violet Flame blazes through a visible light bulb.
Our Beloved Archangels of the Seventh Ray manifest in their Key Notes, featured in the mystical masterpiece by WAGNER: "Music of the Magic Fire" of the Opera "The Walkiries". All of "THE WALKIRIAS" Opera is of the Violet Flame. 
The Key Note of the Archangel Zadkiel can be found in the “Polonaise” in A Flat Mayor Opus 53 by Frederic Chopin.
María Luisa Rodríguez explains that a Light with a radiation of the Beloved Zadkiel exists in South America on the Summit of Cerro Montserrat, in the city of Bogotá, Colombia.
Zadkiel is known as the Archangel of Invocation. He encourages us to free ourselves from all negative energies with love and forgiveness.
Beloved Archangel Zadkiel
Cut and free me
with your Sword of Violet Light
against all negativity
that is delaying
my evolution
and that of humanity.


By Rubén Cedeño

NEPTUNE is known in Greece as the God Poseidon and is also the Director of the water element along with his divine complement Lady Lunara. His key note can be found in “Hornpipe” of the Aquatic Music by Häendel. He is one of the Gods of the so called Olympia, older brother of Lord Zeus. He has dominion over the water element, sea, rivers, lakes, lagoons and fountains. He represents control over the waters, the emotional body, the astral plane and the sense of taste. Neptune had six sons and one daughter named Rodhos to which the islands of Rhodes took on her name and where one of the wonders of the world once stood, the Colossus of Rhodes. Lord Neptune was the one that made salty water spring up in the Erecteion, which is a temple made in the Jonic style of the Acropolis in Athens, while competing to be the patron saint of the city of Athens, but Pallas Athena beat him with the Olive.

The radiation of Lord Neptune enters on earth on the 20th of February with the Pisces sign and with the Cosmic virtue of the Purification Powers and the training of the water elementals, the undines.

The enclave of Lord Neptune and his beloved complement Lady Lunara can be found in the Corinth’s Channel that unites the Jonic sea with the Adriatic sea. We all have an emotional body, with which most of the time we simply do what it feels like and generally speaking it normally ends up being something that is not in our best interest and makes us commit mistakes, lose friendships, ruin marriages, destroy fortunes and turn all those people that help us into enemies. As you can see the emotional body is not the best advisor.

Some people like to say, believing they are clear and earnest: “I do what I feel like doing”, “I did it because it was what I was feeling at the time”, “I don’t want to do it because I’m not feeling it”. They live by the “I feel” and the “I’m not feeling it”. But what one feels like doing or not generally does not turn out to be the most recommendable course of action. Some people feel like strangling others because of something they did to them, and it’s really not the best choice, because then they go straight to jail. Therefore, the message here is not to live in the “I feel” or “I don’t feel”, but in the “I ought to”, “it’s best” or “I must”. Because if we let ourselves to be carried away by the emotional body our lives become a total disaster. When I say carried away by the emotional body, I don’t mean having certain tantrums here and there, having sudden passions, or expressing sensuality in a given moment; this is all the same, as long as it does not alter your primary purpose in your life.

When one speaks about control of the emotional body it is about having dominion over the things that could jeopardize our lives in the future. Many times one feels like making a scandal to a husband or a friend or have a certain attitude, but this is not for the better because there are also many wonderful things that one could loose. Therefore, you cannot just simply do as you feel. Do what you must, what you should, what is best, what you can. That is the great message of being here. Act with the mind and not with your emotional body. 

More than just merely invoking Lord Neptune, in a place like this, the best thing we can do is to try and understand the importance of controlling the emotional body and to clearly see the serene waters of the Corinth’s Channel. Outside of the channel, in the Jonic sea, there are many waves and sometimes even storms, which is the emotional body that is out of control. 

Here, within the channel, there will never be lack of control. Serene waters are the emotional body under control.

Ocassionally Lord Neptune likes to come out from underneath the waters of the channel and allows himself to be seen. There will be a time when all the Greek Gods will come out from the bottom of the sea bed, from the most profound earth or they will just simply let themselves be seen from the etheric realm and the entire humanity will assume the virtues which They represent. Few of us have already seen them but this shall not be a privilege for the few.

Controlling the emotions is not about not having emotions at all. There are some people who engage in esoteric practices and say for example: “No sex”. Then they feel a tremendous potency, and with more pressure than before they continue to have desires. What they now have is an accumulation of energy, but they do not become any more spiritual, intelligent, nor are they doing anything that is of great benefit to others, this is of course completely useless. This is not having control over the emotions. Controlling the emotions is to act with intelligence and with discernment. In other words, we are simply talking about developing Wisdom.

It is possible that you do not like to talk to a King because you don’t like him, he is tyrant, despot, but sometimes, in an attempt to save a country or to bring forth a progress project you must go and talk to that king to prevent war. If that is the case, then you are only doing it because it’s convenient for you, and not because you happen to like or hate that King. This is living with intelligence. What I am simply doing is making a call to the intelligence, because the emotional body without any control clouds the intelligence, the mental body and produces nothing of the sort. Observe the serene waters, so pleasant and with the most beautiful colors. This is just one of the most beautiful places of Greece, where the sea can be seen with an enhanced beauty.

During the days between the 19th of February and the 19th of March we have the opportunity, under Neptune’s radiation, to come and go like the currents of water that make us move, change and see the world differently at any time we wish; have our sense of taste well developed, trying different flavors; conquer the control over the emotional body and control all tears; be soft like water and in fury not to create disasters, this is when we must exercise control over the water element. The keynote is Sacrifice and Abnegation. You have the power of purification of water. Make friends with the mermaids and the undines.

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