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What is an Out-Of-Body Experience?

You might find yourself floating over your sleeping body, Flying through space at incredible speeds or even lying in a field of bright, colourful flowers. These are some of the many things you find yourself doing in what is described as an O.B.E (Out-Of-Body-Experience) Whether it be from years of learning, or a spontaneous happen, Out Of Body experiences are a common thing in everyone's life. This being, that everyone does it in their life, like dreaming or taking drugs which lead to a drug induced O.B.E.
Some people spend years practicing O.B.E's, and learn from them as one learns maths and English in a school. What they learn though is of more importance and hold the answers to just about anything that one is looking for.

Some ways of escaping the body are dreaming (Lucid Dreaming ) and Astral Projection. (Both with there techniques and ways of having an them.)
They Both also take time in perfecting as for anything but with the right attitude and desire, one can see fast results…(even on the first try one can experience or feel a symptom of O.B.E.)
[On my first try of Astral Projection I managed to Feel The Intensity Of The Vibrations which Are Very Common to Having a Astral Projection] (The reason for this is somewhat of a strong desire to have or even see if it were real. But it is said that if one reads a little bit or a lot about astral projection or lucid dreaming than the chances of having or experiencing them are higher)

Now back to what is an O.B.E (Out-Of-Body Experience)
It is basically defined as an inner energy body (your mind/soul) leaving the physical body, either from practices or induces. This allows one to do whatever they like in either a lucid dream or astral projection, this ability to do whatever is because they are in another realm to the physical realm. When one leaves their physical body, they leave the physical world too, Where they go is to a realm similar to the physical which actually seems the exact same, but with slight differences E.g. windows and doors in buildings are there where usually a blank wall is and things that do not exist in the physical world are seen.

|May you stay healthy and find the answers that guide you |
- Samuel

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