Minggu, 03 Juni 2012

Anjing Anjing Raksasa [FOTO]

Some dogs just don't understand that they are a bit too big to be chilling in the lap of luxury, and some of these dogs are massive! Hopefully you enjoy this post as much as I did making it!

Gonna need a bigger lap!
Sometimes, you can train your human just right.
Looks like everyone is happy!
He looks like he is about to fall asleep
Who's chair is that?
Lap dogs get big hugs!
Where did Grandpa go?
Half way up... but a full hug !
Looks like there is a battle for this chair
Humans are comfy to sit on
Bloodhounds can find things... he found a happy place to nap.
LOL... what a huge dog!
Amazed that big dog could even get up there with you!
WOW. That dog is massive!
Sometimes, you need 2 laps
If the little dogs get a lap, then so should you.
Grandma? Grandma? Are you under there?
Great Danes really love the lap!
Such a sweet looking dog.
Sometimes, you just make it work.

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