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How Does The Law of Attraction Work? The Answer is Always.

“How does the Law of Attraction work?”
That’s a question that is happening all around us right now. In fact, it’s probably the number one question I am asked (and a question I am always asking). A question that is usually followed by some even more pertinent questions, such as “How do I make the Law of Attraction work for me?” And another good question, “Does anyone actually make money with the Law of Attraction besides all you self-styled Law of Attraction gurus?”

I’m feeling you, people. As my friend Toby says, I am picking up what you are laying down. I will do my best to answer you right here, right now. Because that’s where the Law is always happening.

how does the law of attraction work
“How does the Law of Attraction work?”
The answer is, it is always already working. It is working now. Right now, as you are reading this, it is working, and it is, in fact, working for you. As you sit here reading this, you are a veritable giant juicy bag of vibrating particles, and all those particles together are sending out a crazy strong signal of incredible resonating power, a power so strong that all corresponding particles of the universe are converging around you, vibrating with you in total heartfelt agreement.

As you are reading this, stop for a moment and see if you can identify what signal your juicy bag is singing out on the airwaves. Your signal is composed of your PREDOMINANT thoughts and feelings, all of which together are forming your basic beliefs about yourself and your life right in this moment. No, really, go ahead and stop reading and see what your signal is babbling about. I’ll wait. . . .

Did you check in? If you had to put words to your signal, what would they be?
Perhaps your signal is saying something like, “I am so happy I get to be reading this fantastic article by that supersonic wisdom wonder-genius Ellen Melko Moore! I am also excited to eat lunch and I wonder if I can get a little somethin-somethin from that hot person down the hall?!”

No? Well, maybe that’s just what my signal is saying.

Maybe yours is something like, “I do like reading this kind of thing but really I’m not sure if there’s anything to this stuff. I kinda wish there was, but it’s hard for me to pay attention right now because I am so anxious about getting all this stuff done and my loved one who worries me. Crap! What’s that bump in my neck? Does Law of Attraction know I’m goofing off when I should be writing up that report?” And so forth.

How does The Law of Attraction work?
Well, see, it’s kinda a big fan of you. Such a big fan, in fact, that right this very minute it’s saying “Yes! Yes! Yes!” to whatever requests you are making with your signal. The tricky part is, Law of Attraction’s definition of “request” is a little different than yours and mine. It responds to each of your thoughts and feelings like an order for “More of This! More of This! More of This!” And being the obliging Energy that it is, Law of Attraction is answering your “request” even if that signal is saying “I feel overwhelmed by stuff to do and underwhelmed by my life in general.” And so it sends you all kinds of items and people and situations and problems and traffic patterns that will overwhelm and under-wow you.

But being the smart person that you inherently are (don’t argue with me here), you will most likely grow tired of all these unpleasant interior feelings and exterior conditions. And then you will find a thought that brings you some relief, however small. It could be, “I am tired of all you people and tired of myself and I am going to go watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns. See ya!”

And you feel a little better for a bit. At which point The Law of Attraction says, “More of feeling better!” And it starts bringing you a whole new parcel of stuff. Like your neck stops hurting, and your friend calls with a funny story. And you find out that one goofball you don’t like at work is out sick for two weeks. And your spouse shows up with your favorite Thai noodles.

Now you’ve got a whole new signal brewing, and you are definitely going in the right direction. Keep feeling deeper into that relief, that humor, that appreciation for a peaceful interlude from that goofball, and that love for your spouse and for noodles.
But what do we usually do, as human beings? Especially as Western World human beings who are deeply suspicious of stupid things like Relief and Feeling Better?

We respond to this bounty with a whole new level of self-criticism. “I can’t believe my spouse was out getting me food and here I am sitting around like a pathetic loser watching teenage vampire shows. I’m probably going to get fired and even fatter than I am now and I better watch out and shape up or things will get even worse!”

And just picture The Law of Attraction, your ever-patient Super Genie Butler. It’s saying, “Okay, I can bring you some more thoughts and feelings and situations and data to match that command. But weren’t you just ordering some Love and Connection and Uplifting? No? All right. Let me run out and find some things that match Fat, Fired, and Pathetic. Be right back.”

How does The Law of Attraction work?
It works wherever you are giving your attention. It works equally well in response to any strong signal you are sending. What is a strong signal? It is merely a thought and feeling loop that you are playing out, over and over and over again. How do you make Law of Attraction work for you? You don’t have to “do” anything to make it work. It just does what you tell it. Period.

What we are really asking is, “How do I get better stuff with The Law of Attraction?” The answer is so simple we don’t want to hear it. Many of us live from a place where we literally CAN’T hear it. But the answer rings out all the same, and will keep ringing out for all eternity until we are ready to hear. The answer is, we begin choosing “better” thoughts. We choose to stick with that good-feeling loop of love and noodles and funny story, instead of giving our allegiance to loser and tired and fat.

Will that loop of love and noodles instantly lead to our becoming as rich as the Ubergurus of the Self-Help industry?

Probably not. But as anyone who has ever gotten rich doing anything will tell you, it takes some practice to “become” rich when what you’re accustomed to is working up a good sweat just to maintain your current level of survival. But once we start practicing “rich,” we will also start noticing all kinds of situations and people and ideas and ventures that give us the opportunity to practice some more rich stuff. The kind of thoughts and actions and attitudes that people who are extremely wealthy have mastered practicing.

And then, once we’re incredibly wealthy, we’ll find a whole new set of circumstances to complain about, but that’s a story for another day.

How does The Law of Attraction work?
For the moment, just be with this. Consider it. Hang out with it. You’re doing fine. And you’re going to be even finer if you pay attention to your signal and let it continue to lead you into ever more pleasing dimensions. This is the Law of Attraction, and this is how it works.

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