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Power supply regulator +15V -15V 1A by IC 7815 & 7915

When I builds the circuit Pre tone control by IC LF353 the finished , but can not be usable. Because of it wants a power supply +15V GND -15V at 500mA current. I pairs then builds the group Dual DC power Supply +15V,GND,-15V. By use pillar equipment be IC 7815 , for +15V and IC 7915 for -15V. Which IC the bilateral can give currrent get about 1A. Other detail both of the circuit and model PCB you can see to follow a image. The transformer should have a primary rating of 240/220 volts for europe, or 120 volts for North America. The centre tapped secondary coil should be rated about 18 volts at 1 amp or higher, allowing for losses in the regulator. An application for this type of circuit would be for a small regulated bench power supply.

Circuit power supply regulator +15V -15V 1A by IC 7815 & 7915

PCB power supply regulator +15V -15V 1A by IC 7815 & 7915

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